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Rehab Recycle

The Rehab Recycle centre on Monahan Road near Cork city.  From a Cork County Council pdf document:

Cork County Council also has a contract with REHAB to collect the glass presented at he recycling centres. REHAB unload the glass banks at their centre on Monahan road, in Cork City. From there, the glass is transported for reprocessing to cullet, from which new glass is made.

If, like me, you were wondering what cullet was, a quick Google found that it’s “recycled container glass (previously used for bottles, jars and other similar glass vessels) prior to processing” which doesn’t really make sense if you look at the explanation above?!  It also has another meaning though:

The term ‘cullet’ also refers, however, to waste glass produced as a result of breakage and rejection on quality control grounds during the manufacturing process.

Rehab Recycle on Monahan Road

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