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The Piano Juggler in Cork

In June, Cork was lucky enough to sample the delights of the Street Performance World Championships.  This fella, unsurprisingly called The Piano Juggler, was one of the acts I really wanted to see having seen him perform on the final Late Late Show with Pat Kenny.  He didn’t disappoint on the day; the act was thoroughly enjoyable in spite of the threat of rain which isn’t good for his piano apparently!

This was also the first time I used my account where you can see all the photos I took and all the best photos of all the Irish SPWC on by various photographers.  Kudos to the strategy use to get photographers onto their site which allows you upload to a pre-defined group for the event.  They seem to be doing this for other events which is very clever.  And it’s quite a nice site too.  So the problem now is, do I stick with Flickr or move onto

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